Community Involvement

  • Collaborated with Little Pear Garden Collective, Eventual Ashes, Wuming Dance Project and Rice Roll Productions in the development of dance and theatre projects.
  • Created video projections and installations in multi-disciplinary production, Salt Fish Girl Part 1: Hope & Forgetfulness
  • Collaborated in Hiding Words (For You), creating interactive video installations utilizing motion-sensing technology.
  • Collaborated with Little Pear Garden Collective in Venom of Love, a integrated arts multi-media theatre production, using video projections that interact with live performers.
  • Former board member of the artist-run centre A Space and a member of Zen-Mix 2000 PanAsian Visual Arts Collective.
  • Worked as an educator and outreach worker on HIV/AIDS (Asian Community AIDS Services AIDS).
  • Created education materials for HIV/AIDS organizations (Asian Community AIDS Services AIDS, Alliance for South Asians AIDS Prevention, AIDS Committee of Toronto).
  • Helped organize cultural and advocacy events for Gay Asians Toronto, Gay Asian AIDS Project and Asian Community AIDS Services.
  • Helped develop and organize Asian LGBT video competitions (Bamboo Shoot).
  • Organizer and Mentor for Asian LGBT youth artists on arts projects (Asian Artists and Performers Against HIV/AIDS).
  • Facilitated Asians living with HIV/AIDS on community cultural/arts projects (multi-media theatre production, Temple Street) for the International AIDS Conference.
  • Advisor for Invisible Footprints multi-media exhibition on Asian LGBT history and mentor for featured artists.
  • As a featured artist in group exhibition Invisible Footprints 0.2 – Deep Cuts at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto.